STEM Summer Program


2017 STEMazzzing Summer Camp!

STEMazzzing Camp provides students extended educational and enrichment opportunities. STEMazzzing Camp foster students’ growth, enabling them to excel, enrich and remediate. STEMazzzing Camp is available for all Tucson students, grades 1-8 in Tucson.

The STEMazzzing Camp  offers eight one-week sessions. Children may take up to four classes per session. Each class meets daily. Classes include fun weekly STEM activities and other engaging activities.  Classes run from May 30th to August 4th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.



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L.W. Cross Middle School
1000 West Chapala Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85704

* Location subject to change

Example Daily Schedule

Eight, one week sessions (Mon-Fri)

  • Before Care          7:00-8:45 AM
  • Period 1                 9:00-10:15 AM
  • Passing Period     10:15-10:25 AM
  • Period 2                 10:25-11:40 AM


  • Period 3                 12:20-1:35 PM
  • Passing Period     1:35-1:45 PM
  • Period 4                 1:45-3:00 PM
  • After Care              3:00-5:30 PM


Important Information for Parents

Students must be registered in a CEP program to be permitted on campus.

Please call the STEMazzzing Camp office if your child will be absent. For the safety of the students, attendance will be taken in each class.  Parents will be contacted if their child misses a scheduled class.

CEP requires that a parent/guardian sign their children in and out at the STEMazzzing Camp office if they are arriving late or being picked up before the end of their scheduled day

Please call the office if your child will be absent. For students’ safety, attendance will be taken in each class.

Parents will be contacted if their child misses a scheduled class. CEP requires that a parent/guardian sign their children in and out of class if they are arriving late or being picked up before the end of their scheduled day.

There is a 30-minute lunch break in the cafeteria.  Please pack a lunch for your child.  Pizza and drinks are available for purchase on Fridays. Pizza is $2.00 per slice and drinks are $1.00

Teachers will escort students to the designated drop off and pick up location located at the front of Cross Middle School. For rainy day schedule students will be picked up in the MPR. It is important that students are picked-up promptly.  Staff will only be on duty to supervise pick up until 3:15.

Click on the TOGGLE below to expand for more details! If you have any questions about our program and the specifics of any one course, please contact us.

Course Descriptions

Air Exploration- Activities Include; tissue paper hot air balloons, the Bernoulli’s principle

All About Sand- Activities Include; Moon sand, Kinect sand and aqua sand

All About the Dough- Activities Include; Homemade pretzels, cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket

Apple a Day- Activities Include; Apple pie, apple snails and apple donuts

Ball of Yarn- Activities Include; Crochet, yarn crafts and knitting

Basketball- Activities Include; Skill building, scrimmage games and drills

Bike Camp- Activities Include; Bike safety, body positioning and obstacle courses. Students enrolled in this class will need to bring their bike and helmet.

Bite Size- Activities Include; Sour patch grapes, banana split bites and bagel fruit pizza

Brain Games- Activities Include; Illusion and problem solving, question’s and trivia games

Bugs and Slugs- Activities Include; Butterfly prints, make edible bugs and ant farming

Card Games and Tricks- Activities Include; Intro to rummy 500, and card tricks and magic tricks

Cartooning- Activities Include; Drawing with shapes, lines and shading, creating characters using shapes and discuss how technique enhances and changes and image

Chemical Reactions- Activities Include; Fizzy ice, exploring colors and elephant toothpaste

Chemistry- Activities Include; Density Column, make marble paper and make silly putty

Circuits- age 1-3, Activities Include; play-dough circuits, lemon battery experiment and drawing with hex bugs

Circuits- age 3-8, Activities Include; Exploring LED with circuit tape, 3D design with electricity and lighting

Clay – Activities Include; will make bowls, cups animals and other clay designs

Crazy Colors- Activities Include; Fireworks in a jar, disappearing colors and kaleidoscopes

Crypto Zoology- Activities Include; Discuss and identify creatures like Big Foot, Moth man and Loch ness Monster. Documenting encounters creating journals and foot print casts

Creations in a Bottle- Activities Include; Galaxy in a bottle, tornado in a bottle and waves in a bottle

Crime Lab- Activities Include; Finger printing, DNA testing, and hand writing analysis

Delicious Desserts- Activities Include; Kool whip sandwiches, banana pops and Kool whip pudding pie

Density Tower of Colors- Activities Include; What is density? With fun ingredients make density towers. Objects that float sink or stick in your tower

Dinner Time Fun- Activities Include; Taco pizza, chicken pot pie cupcake and lasagna roll ups

Dinosaurs- Activities Include; Explore fossils, dinosaur tooth necklaces and ice egg excavation

DIY Fashion- Activities Include; Purses, head bands and colorful sandals

DIY- Activities Include; Stress balls, string art and bead design, Lip and body scrubs, crayon candles. There are multiple DIY classes and activities may vary

Dodge Ball Mania- Activities Include; Dynamite, bombardment and ultimate dynamite

Pencil to paper – Activities Include; The basics of drawing techniques, shading, shapes and outlining

Duct Tape- Activities Include; Duct tape wallets, book marks, lunch bags and water bottle holders

Edible Art- Activities Include; Tortilla art, edible painting and fruit and veggie designs

Edible Science- Activities Include; Glow in the dark jello, sugar glass and fizzy sour lemon aid

Einstein- Activities Include; bending water, density column and bending light

Engineering Challenges- age 3-8, Activities Include; Satellite antenna, 25 penny boats and egg drop

Engineering Challenges- age 1-3, activities Include; building structure that support the most weight, building the tallest structure and build the longest domino chain

Engineering with Batteries- Activities Include; Design flash lights, led throwies and graphite circuits

Entomologists- Activities Include; Identify and classify insects, make spread boards and how to display insects and pin and log

Explosive Science- Activities Include; Elephant tooth paste, Mentos and coke and exploding lunch bags

Extreme Science- Activities Include; Hydro density bottle, boo bubbles and rubber band watermelon slice

Fairy Tales- Activities Include; Build a raft for 3 Billy goats, strongest home for the 3 little pigs and a new bed for Goldie Locks

Fire Breathers- Activities Include; Fire breathing dragons, dragon eggs and dragon features and characteristics

First Aid Scenarios- Activities Include; Creating an emergency action plan using team work and basic first aid materials and steps to help someone in need

Foil Art- Activities Include; Foil structures, canvases and Zen tangle

Frozen Treats- Activities Include; Pudding pops, gummy popsicles and coffee can ice cream,

Fruit Salad- Activities Include; Fruit pizza crackers, fresh fruit pops and rainbow kabobs

Fun Physical Activities- Activities Include; Hockey, ultimate Frisbee, kick ball tournament, capture the flag

Fun with Science- Activities Include; Grow crystals, magic aqua sand and erupting foam

Fun with Water- Activities Include; Engineering water slides, water coin challenge, floatation devices and water bottle flipping

Geology- age 3-8 Activities Include; Stalagmites, erosion activities and rock testing

Geology- age 1-3 Activities Include; Stalagmites, Geodes and crystals

Hands on Science- Activities Include; Oobleck and magnetic slime, gak and play dough

Have your Cake and Eat it to- Activities Include; Bake a cake, decorate cakes and cupcakes

H2o Engineering- Activities Include; Surface tension, water balloon pump and salt vs. fresh

Hip Hop Dance- Activities Include; Learn choreography, learn dances to current music and perform routines. There are multiple dance classes and music may vary.

Indoor Soccer- Activities Include; skill building, foot control passing and team work

Into the Night-  Activities will include; Designing and exploring constellation’s, make constellations, learn about constellations.

It’s a Pizza Day- Activities Include; Taco pizza, pizza pockets and pizza bagels

Kitchen Science- Activities Include; Stinky vinegar eggs, name plate crystals, invisible ink

Lego Challenge- Activities Include; Building, creating and designing with Lego’s

Life Hacks- Activities Include; How to peel garlic without crying, cutting fruit, water balloon pumps

Liquid Labs- Activities Include; Experimenting with liquid substances and testing and recording reactions

Little Inventors- Activities Include; Design and create with your imaginations from everyday materials

Loop, Thread and sew- Activities Include; Button trees, pillows and cases, aprons and bags

Lotsa Pasta- Activities Include; Homemade mac and cheese, alfredo pasta and spaghetti

Magic School Bus- Activities Include; Constellation viewers, make your own planets and galaxy bottle

Magnetic Science- Activities Include; How liquids impact magnets, magnetic exploration and magnetizing steel

Maze Runners- Activities Include; paper plate marble mazes, Lego mazes and pom pom mazes

Messy Science- Activities Include; Noodle bubbles, clean mud and spaghetti slime

Model Design and Building- Activities Include; Build kit cars and planes, painting and fabrication

Newton’s Law- Activities Include; Newton’s cradle, Newton’s Car and balloon launch zip line

No Bake Treats- Activities Include; Protein bites, Greek yogurt drops and chocolate fun

Nutrition Made Easy- Activities Include; Granola bars, fruit smoothies and power foods

Origami- Activities Include; Manipulating paper, learning difficult folding techniques and following directions through images, vocals and reading

Paper Aviators- Activities Include; Folding techniques, distance and air time activities and document results

Painting Galore- Activities Include; Ice painting, puffy paint design and marbled art

Very Pintristing- Activities Include; Key chains, crafts and jewelry

Polymers- Activities Include; Hydro gel plants, bouncy balls, shrinking polymers

Rain Makers- Activities Include; Explore rain, with materials create the sounds of rain, build rain makers

Ready Set Race Recycle- Activities Include; Build recycled race cars, design race tracks and pick teams and race your friends

Retro Games- Activities Include; Learn old school games, Chess, jacks and marbles

Rise & Shine Meals- Activities Include; French Toast sausage roll ups, pancake poppers and breakfast muffin

Rockets and Water- Activities Include; Aerodynamic activities, rocket design challenges and propulsion machines

Rockets- Activities Include; Alka-Seltzer rockets, two-liter rocket design and launch

Royal Fun- Activities Include; Royal family crests, royal jewels and royal attire

Rubber Band Magic- Activities Include; rubber band catapult, rubber band painting and rubber band structures

Science You Can Eat- Activities Include; Geodes rock candy, edible clouds and ice cream in a bag

Simple Machines- Activities Include; the design and build of a multi-level marble raceway

Skate Board Fundamentals- Activities Include; Foot positioning, balance and stop and go. Students will need to bring their skate board and helmet.

Solar Cooking- Activities Include; Num num nachos, s’more cones and baked apples

Solar Science- Activities Include; Build solar ovens, solar night lights and solar purifier

Sound Exploration- Activities Include; Tuning forks, slinky sound waves and balloon vibration experiment

Space Rail- Activities Include; engineering a rail system for a marble raceway

Spanish- Activities Include; Greetings, feelings, days and colors, formalize common phrases and sentences

Spark- Activities Include; Sharks and minnows, balloon tennis and crab soccer

STEM Challenges- Activities Include; Straw roller coaster, structure design and build and plastic egg challenge

Super Heroes- Activities Include; Make super hero capes, masks and accessories

Sushi Time- Activities Include; Zucchini sushi rolls, Nutella and banana sushi and turkey and cheese rolls

Sweet Tooth- Activities Include; Rice Krispie treats, cookies, and chocolate covered popcorn

Team Building- Activities Include; Hoop pass, rubber band tools and build bridges

Team Games- Activities Include; Medic, kick ball, chicken in the hen house

The Power of Energy- Activities Include; pendulum stoppers, craft stick chain reaction and solar tubes

The Weather Outside- Activities Include; Clouds and rain, water cycles, sundials and lightning

Up Cycle- Activities Include; No sew tank tops bags, plastic bottle planters and wood working

Wacky Gadgets- Activities Include; Build and assemble robots, making hover crafts and rubber band cars

Wizarding World- Activities Include; create sorceress stones, quills, wands and golden snitches

Yoga- Activities Include; Learn basic poses, stretches and practices



STEMazzzing Packages

Prices are $160 per week with extended care options.  Call 520.888.2727 Ext. 113 for more information and available discounts.

Before/After Care Available!

Package A/B

  • Pick your week (up to 7 weeks!)
  • Pick your favorite classes!
  • Materials Fee included!
  • Before Care or After Care Available!

Mornings or Afternoons

Package C

  • Before care + 2 STEM Camp classes before lunch OR After care + 2 STEM Camp classes after lunch

1 class only

Package D

  • A single STEM Class
  • Before/After Care not included



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Course Information
  • Course Id:888-2727 x 113 or STEM office at 696-5934
  • Days:M-F
  • Timings:9:00 - 3:00 with extended care options
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