STEM Summer Program


2018  STEMazzzing Summer Camp!

STEMazzzing Camp provides students extended educational and enrichment opportunities. STEMazzzing Camp foster students’ growth, enabling them to excel, enrich and remediate. STEMazzzing Camp is available for all Tucson students, grades 1-8 in Tucson.

The STEMazzzing Camp  offers seven one-week sessions. Children may take up to four classes per session. Each class meets daily. Classes include fun weekly STEM activities and other engaging activities.  Classes run from May 29th to August 3rd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.



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L.W. Cross Middle School
1000 West Chapala Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85704

* Location subject to change

 Daily Schedule

Seven, one week sessions (Mon-Fri)

  • Before Care          6:30-8:55 AM
  • Period 1                 9:00-10:15 AM
  • Passing Period     10:15-10:20 AM
  • Period 2                 10:20-11:35 AM


  • Period 3                 12:25-1:40 PM
  • Passing Period     1:40-1:45 PM
  • Period 4                 1:45-3:00 PM
  • After Care              3:00-6:00 PM


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Course Descriptions

Ada Twist Scientific Theory-  Inquisitively study and question scientific theories like Ada Twist including Nucleation, Clock works and planets.

Air Exploration- Children will study the property of air in a variety of circumstances. Many of the activities will coincide with the book “The Boy who harnessed the wind”.

Animal Engineering- Children will study environments and invent an animal that can survive in that environment.

*Asian Meals Made Easy-Requires week 3 Period A&B- Explore the sweet and spicy side of cooking home made meals such as fried rice, chow mein, egg rolls and much more.

Badminton- Learn the rules and practice your skills in team exercises and friendly competitions.

Become a Meteorologist- Design thermometers to measure temperature, weather veins for wind direction and rain gauges to measure rain fall.

Big Builders- Children will strengthen their critical thinking skills by performing challenges such as building a straw bridge using only paper and straws and designing and building a drawbridge.

Bike Camp- Sharpen your bike skills, children will work on body position, front and rear wheel lifts, switchbacks, high and low speed turns and then apply these techniques in a timed course. CHILDREN PARTICPATING IN THIS CLASS WILL NEED TO BRING THEIR BIKE AND HELMET.  We will provide a safe place to store the bikes.

Boats by Design- Children will come home with their own fleet of boats.  These include soda bottle boats, can boats and baking soda powered boats.  Children will also engineer a boat that can hold the most coins and a boat that can go the fastest.

Boot Camp- This class is full of fun obstacle courses, tug of war challenges and jump rope play.

Brain Teasers-  This class will test your level of thinking, Children will participate in lateral thinking puzzles, riddles and rhymes that tease the brain and they will work on brain teaser quizzes and optical illusions.

*Bread Requires week 7 Period A&B- Children will create with bread in fun intricate ways.  They will twist, cut, roll, pull and bake their way in to recipes like banana bread, and cinnamon roll pretzels.

*Breakfast time- It’s the most important meal of the day and now your child can lend a hand in the kitchen with these simple and delicious recipes, such as French toast, crepes and breakfast pizza.

Bridge Engineers- Young Engineers will use their skills to construct the strongest marshmallow bridges.  Engineers will also participate in the Gnome challenge and penny bridge challenge.

*Cake Boss-  Create you own cake.  Not only will you learn how to bake your own cake, you will learn different ways to design a cake.  Children will learn piping, frosting and other techniques.

*Cakie- Who says cake mix is only for cakes? This class will take different cake mixes and turn them into cookies, chocolate chip, lemon, strawberry and much more.

Camp Fires- Learn to build a proper camp fire and enjoy the camp fire with songs, the perfect smores and cardinal directions so you never get lost.

Card Tricks and Magic- Become a Magician, learn sleight of hand, disappearing magic tricks, fun party tricks and how to float a card.

Challenge Accepted- Work in teams on challenges to stimulate the brain and with creativity and ingenuity step up to daily challenges such as building a bridge with only five materials.

Chem Lab- Learn about chemistry while conducting experiments, build cork rockets and explore chemical reactions.

*Chocolate Lovers- Mmm…Chocolate, if all you think about is chocolate then this class is for you.  Dip it, roll it, mix it and bake it.  Children will learn simple tasks such as making chocolate covered fruit and chocolate truffles.

Circuits, Circuits, Circuits- Children will design and create different types of flashlights, explore light up play dough and create their own circuit bugs.

Civil Engineering- Become civil engineers and solve issues such as creating a river crossing, harnessing water energy and solving flood zone problems.

Clay Studio-Create with clay using techniques such as pinching, kneading, and scoring to make original works of art.

Clue-Solving the Mystery- Children will solve the mystery.  Strategize, design and create mysteries that they can solve together by following the clues.

Coding without Computers-Solves puzzles using binary code, hot dog coding games and coding without electronics.

Corn Hole Challenges- Learn the game of corn hole and compete with a partner in a corn hole tournament.

Creations in a Bottle- Create bottles that represent the galaxy, lava lamps, can you find bottles, tornado bottles and density bottles.

Crime Lab Rookie- Learn the basic forms of identification such as fingerprints, dental patterns, shoe tracks and estimate height and weight from your shoe size. Use crime scenarios to practice critical thinking and communication skills while solving a mystery.

Crime Lab Gum Shoe-Practice identification of evidence, extract fruit DNA, participate in mock crime scene scenarios.

Crime Lab Pro- Use Laboratory skills to solve mock crimes, become a forensic artist and take a sample of your DNA.

Cross Fit- This class will focus on interval training. Children will participate in 4 stations and each station will focus on specific part of the body, and they will learn to use their own body weight as their exercise tool.

Crypto Zoology- Learn the howls, growls, characteristics of the Dog Man, learn about the top 10 most credible big foot sightings, identify sounds, characteristics and learn how to communicate with these illusive creatures.

*Desserts Made Easy Requires Week 4 period A&B-In this class children will make pastries like lemon cheese cake, cannoli’s and fried ice cream.

Dinosaurs Jurassic Park- Welcome to the fun world of Dinosaurs! In this class, young paleontologists will excavate their own dinosaurs. Make their own fossils and bone necklaces.

DIY Projects- Do it yourself projects using common household items. Make handbags, key chains and a school survival kit.

DIY Spa Day-Children will make fizzy bath bombs, dry shampoo, lip balm and tooth paste.

Dodge Ball Challenge- Children will play various dodgeball games and explore strategies of the game.

Dragons- Puff the Magic Dragon and other mythical creatures will be discussed in this fun class.  Children will excavate dragons, create flying dragons and dragon skin book marks while enjoying dragon blood punch.

Edible Science- Use Science in the kitchen! Children will make coffee can ice cream, glow in the dark jello, my own gummy bears and dirt worms.
Engineering Challenges (Ms. Tammy)-
Explore the concept of engineering with daily challenges using a variety of supplies.  Build sugar cube structures and study erosion caused by rain.

Engineering Challenges (Ms. Tammy week 5)- Children will design a lunar space module and attempt to land it on several different surfaces.

Engineering Challenges (Ms. Megan)- Children will create engineer based projects such as a roller coaster using straws and create a two-foot structure using limited items that can support as much weight as possible.

Entomology Bugs and Slugs- Make your own ant farm, have worm races, create unique spider webs, design your own bug, chromatography butterflies and water striders. (STUDENTS WILL BRING HOME THEIR OWN ANT FARM IN A JAR, SUPPLIES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE).

Escape Room-Solve puzzles with deductive reasoning and team work to escape.

Everything Illusion- Discover the world of illusion.  Children will learn magic tricks and illusions while exercising the brain and will learn what it is like behind the scenes of magic.

Everything Paint-Explore with multiple ways to paint with puffy paint, acrylic paints and water colors.

Exploring Egypt- While exploring Egypt, children will design and create their own Egyptian mask, have mummy races and learn to write using hieroglyphs and will construct pyramids.

Explosive Science-Children will explore chemical reactions that pop, perform fruit stress test and make elephant tooth paste.

Fairy Tales- Who will help the three little pigs? How will the Billy Goat get across the bridge? Can we save Rapunzel from her tower? Find out in this fun class filled with engineering challenges based on familiar fairy tales.

Fidget Spinner Challenge– Design fidget spinners with various materials. Create challenges and draw conclusion based on challenge results.

*Finger Foods- Parties, game night or nights.  Your child will learn to make chicken fingers, pizza bites, pigs in a blanket and much more.

First Aid Scenarios- Test your skills in 10 emergency scenarios, learn to bandage a wound, learn how to use a paracord bracelet and what essentials should be in your first aid kit.

Five Senses-Popping senses, guess what I am, and look and remember activities utilizing the bodies senses.

Force and Motion- understand the concept of motion and how force changes the way objects move. Research and follow Jackson Pollocks process of paint in motion, design and create marshmallow shooters and learn how to use simple tools and engineer your own wench.

Frisbee Golf- This fun game is similar to the rules of golf. In this class learn concentration skills by mastering shots and negotiating obstacles.

*Frozen Treats- Create tasty treats such as ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen smores.

Fun and Easy Origami- Some of the animals that you will be making are owls, crane, goldfish, seal, sea horse. Other animals will be wild animals, sea creatures, birds and insects. Some folding techniques will include blintz fold, preliminary fold, pleat fold, wing fold and kite fold.

Fun with Gravity- Define gravity with magnets, discover center of gravity, have fun with parachute play, gravity propeller racers and antigravity water.

Fun with Sports- Participate in different sporting activities such as flag football and wiffle ball etc.

Game show Madness-Wheel of fortune solve word puzzles using STEM vocabulary, fast paced jeopardy and minute to win it 60 second challenges.

Geology Taming the Land Form Monster- Learn about different land forms along with the geological make up of that area.  Children will also design and construct their own piece of land using different land forms.

Geology the Rock Cycle- Define and discuss types of rocks, investigate rocks and gems and learn about minerals in rocks.

Ghosts and the Paranormal- Come and learn about the paranormal, learn techniques to capture ghosts, learn to debunk or justify a non-haunting, learn how to use radio waves to capture sounds, make ghost slime and share ghost stories.  Children can bring a camera, tablet or phone to take photos in this class.

Group Games- Team up with your peers and play games like kickball, silent ball, sharks and minnows etc.

H2o Learning- Conduct experiments focusing on the water cycle, surface tension and water purification techniques.

*Hand Made Ice Cream-I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! In this class your child will make different kinds of homemade ice cream and toppings. We’ll smash this icy treat between freshly baked cookies and fry it up for extreme flavor.

Hands on Science- Experiment with polymers, make slime, floam and playdough.  Hypothesize, design, and test chemicals and their reactions.

Heat Up Cool Down- Experiment with various types of matter to see how it responds to different temperatures.

Hip Hop Dance- Each week children will learn a different dance routine to popular hip-hop songs.  They will explore physical creativity while staying active.

Human Wonders- Can you see your heartbeat?  Can optical illusions trick your brain? This fun class will explore these and many other crazy things about the body and the science behind it.

Iggy Peck Architectural Design- Have fun with Lego challenges, bridge building and food architecture.

Indoor Basketball- Learn the rules and concepts of basketball.  Freshen up on your shooting, passing and dribbling skills while playing interactive games.

Indoor Hockey- Lets play Hockey! Learn the rules, positions and practice the safety of the game and proper use of the equipment.

Indoor Soccer- Learn basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and goal keeping.  Children will participate in offense and defense drills and scrimmage with each other.

Indoor Volleyball- Learn positions, hand placement and the techniques of the game.

Inventors- Children will create their own inventions using various materials and demonstrate their inventions to the class.

*Italian Meals Made Easy Requires week 2 Period A&B– Children will begin with simple appetizers such as fresh Bruschetta drizzled with their own balsamic vinaigrette, homemade marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Kickball- Learn the fundamentals, positions and the rules of the game. Break off into teams and play ball.

Little Builders- Use the engineering process to design a community playground using a variety of materials. Learn about stored energy, potential energy and kinetic energy.

Love for Music- This class will focus on art work that is inspired by music, learn musical notes and work on abstract art and artistic expressions.

Mad Scientist- The children can participate in crazy but safe science projects, open a bag without the use of your hands, make toothpaste and explore boo bubbles.

Magic School Bus Galaxy Quest- Hop on board the Magic School Bus as we take a ride around the galaxy.  Young explorers will rocket out of this world by making their own solar system hats, galaxies in a bottle and they will play asteroid toss.

Magic School Bus Slime- If you don’t like to get your hands dirty this class isn’t for you.  Children will create a recipe book full of fun and different slime’s, some slime’s included are glitter slime, edible slime, goop, gak and silly putty. Get ready to get messy.

Magnificent Magicians-Real magicians don’t give away their secrets, become magicians and explore magic tricks.

Marvelous Muffins- Learn how to make muffins in different ways.  Explore using bananas, blue berries, cinnamon, apples and sausage in breakfast muffins.

Maze Challenges- Children will use many skills to construct their own mazes using many items found around the house.  Types of mazes that the children will create include pizza box mazes, shoe box mazes and paper plate mazes.

Messy Science- If you like to make a mess this is the class for you, explode bags, create geysers with soda and explore oobleck.

Meteorology- Design Anemometers to measure wind, Barometers to measure atmospheric pressure and weather maps to decode weather.

*Mexican Meals Made Easy Requires Week 1 Period A&B– In this class students will explore the sultry side of cooking with homemade favorite meals such as Tacos, Enchiladas and chips and salsa. Children will learn to read recipes, prep food, cook and set the table.

Minecraft- In this class children will make Minecraft masks, Minecraft stencil shirts and 3D Minecraft characters.

Minute to Win It- On your mark…get set…go… Face the cookie, flip challenge, this blows, noodling around and elephant march are a few of the fun games children will be introduced to in this energetic class.

*Morning Meals- Take classic recipes and give them an upgrade. Stuff French toast, breakfast pizza, cowboy brunch and more.

*No Bake Recipes– with simple recipes like fruit pizza, apple snails, fruit kabobs children will learn enjoy healthy snacks they can make on their own.

P.E- Come and play with us, indoor/outdoor activities include capture the flag, plunger ball, hula hoop activities, kickball, four square and throw kick run challenges.

*Pasta Inspired Meals- Children will learn how to infuse different types of creamy homemade sauces with different types of pasta.  Mac n cheese, spaghetti and alfredo.

Patriotic Treats- Yummy yummy treats to help celebrate Americas birthday.  In this class students will make 4th of July rice crispy treats, star kabobs, marshmallow pops, patriotic punch and play USA bingo.

Pendulum & Magnetic Painting- Who says you only use paint brushes to paint?  Children will construct a pendulum and create unique painting experiences.  DIY oil paint, color mixing tops and puff paint creations.

*Philippine Made Easy-Requires Week 5 Period A&B– If you like Asian food this class might be for you.  In this class, you will make pad Thai, lumpia, beef salpicao, pancit and chicken adobo.

Photography- Explore the world of photography through a camera. Explore the concepts of fore ground, back ground, color, distortion, focus and negative space.

*Pizza Lovers-If you love pizza this class is for you! Children will create pizza in fun intricate ways. Pizza lovers will twist, cut, roll, pull and bake their way into a pizza coma.  Children will learn to read recipes, prep and cook.

Pokémon Go– Create your own Pokémon character cards, trainer badges and a pokedex with characters.  Students will create catapults and poke balls to catch Pokémon.

Polymers- What are polymers? Where do you find them? And what are there pros and cons? Using scientific process explore the many different types of polymers.

Recycled Robotics- Children will design and create climbing and balancing robots, robotic hands, robot bugs and each student will create their own robot costume with recycled materials.

Retro Crafts- T-shirt décor, scoubidou jewelry, candy wrapper jewelry, pot holder looms and bead work jewelry.

Retro Games- Play games from previous generations like sardines, chicken in the hen house and quiet ball while building team work and sportsmanship skills.

Robotics- Activities include a DIY robot, vibrating solar bugs, 3D robot designs and a gliding robot.

Rocket Science- Epic bottle rockets and stomp rockets are some of the fun ways children will blow the top off this class.

Rosie Revere the Engineer- The tale of a girl and her dream to become an engineer. Design and create simple airplanes, helicopters, catapults and learn to enlarge images using graph paper.

Royal Fun- Come join in the royal fun as we create our own crowns, jewels and engineer our own castles. Defend your castle by constructing catapults and magic mirrors.

Rube Goldberg Challenges- Your imagination is the only limit in this class.  You will be challenged to design complex machines to do simple tasks.

*Sensational Salad-Not all salads are green.  In this class, your child will make different types of salad from chef’s salad to pasta salad and homemade dressings.

Simple Machines (1-3)- Children will develop and use their knowledge of simple machines to design and build catapults, cars, airplanes, marble runs and anything they can dream of.

Simple Machines (4-8)- Investigate simple machines and use their engineering skills to design and build a theme park.

Slime-Create different types of slime with dish soap, sta-flo, contact solution and shaving cream.
Solar Cooking-
Children will create their own solar ovens and hot dog cookers and use them to cook yummy foods like nachos.

Sounds of Science- With household materials measure sound waves, with musical instruments measure sound vibrations and explore pitch with DIY xylophones and create sound wave machines.

*Soup Meals Made Easy-Requires Week 6 Period A&B-Lets dive into a nice bowl of beef stew, chicken tortilla soup and chicken gnocchi, the possibilities are endless.

Space and Beyond- Come explore the Space Lander mission, design your own space lander, create rocket launchers, learn fun facts about the moon and make your own paper mache planets.

Spanish-  Learn to speak and pronounce Spanish words, put together sentences, learn the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and months.  This class you will also learn animals, body parts and family.

Straw Purl Potion- Lung power will be in full use in this class.  Children will take part exciting purl potion activities that include cars, rocks and pom poms.

Super Heroes (Ms. Megan)- Lets design super hero costumes, solve problems of epic proportion and compare super heroes and villains.

Super Heroes (Ms. Stephanie)- It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a super hero. Children will design their own superhero capes, masks and accessories.  The will create their own action figures and overcome a super hero obstacle course.

Team building- Work together to complete cooperative activities while communicating, cooperating and encouraging and working together on fun tasks.

*Topped with Nutella-Use Nutella as the base ingredient for favorites like yogurt, popsicles, pizza, crepes and even a sandwich.

Vital Organs- Lets explore the kidney, liver, heart, lungs and the brain.

Wacky Gadgets-Create do it yourself gadgets such as cork shooters and bow and arrows.

*What’s Between the Bread Requires week 7 period A&B-Sometimes a good sandwich hits the spot. In this class children will make different types of sandwiches like grilled cheese, sloppy joe’s and heroes.

Wizarding World Year 1- In Wizarding World Year 1, children will be sorted into their house, make their own wands spell books and potions.

Wizarding World Year 2- Welcome back, in your second year of Wizarding World children will create their own book of monsters, sorcerer’s stone, lip balm, pencil wands and potions in this fun extension of year 1.

Yoga – Students will learn poses from ashtanga yoga via the vinyasa sequence.  They will explore the connection of the mind body and earth and learn about the different chakras.

*Please consider any food allergies when signing up for classes that involve food.

*Food classes may contain milk, peanuts, eggs, wheat and grains

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2018 STEMazzzing Packages

Price is $160 per week for camp.  Price is $185 for camp plus extended care.  Call 520.888.2727.  The STEMazzzing Camp supply fee is $30.00 for May 29 – June 29 and $30.00 for July 2 – August 3. The supply fee will cover the cost of the materials and supplies for your child’s STEMazzzing Camp classes.  Supply fees are per child and non-refundable. Call 520.888.27274 Ext. 113 for more information.

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Course Information
  • Course Id:888-2727 x 113 or STEM office at 696-5934
  • Days:M-F
  • Timings:9:00 - 3:00 with extended care options