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To better understand your family's needs, please fill out our information form below. This will help us to determine what programs are best and how we can best assist you. We will contact you with the next steps required for registration. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us!

Parent’s FAQs

Am I eligible for financial assistance?

CEP programs offer enrolling families the opportunity to apply for scholarships based on family income and family size. Information and applications are available at registration or by contacting the Center Director. Funds are limited, and requests are granted on a first come, first serve basis. When demand exceeds available funding, families will be put on a waiting list. Families that recieve assistance from the Department of Economic Securities D.E.S. may be eligible for assistance.  Please contact us at 520.888.2727 for more information.

Are programs available at my school?

We are expanding our programs to new schools! For more information on Community Extension Programs and what schools host our programs, please go to the program page: Early Learning Centers, School Age Programs, and Summer Programs.

I have more questions about your programs. Who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact our offices and we will put you in contact with the Program Director or Site Director for your school.

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