About Us

Community Extension Programs, Inc. (CEP) is a 501 (C)(3) not for profit corporation that started in 1970. We offer before and after school care in the Amphitheater School District, Out-of-School time STEM camps and the Summer STEMazzzing Camp.

In addition, we have preschools for children 3 - 5 years of age that are toilet trained. The preschools also run a Summer STEM camp.

We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health and Services (DHS) and we accept clients who are recipients of the Department of Economic Security (DES) childcare benefits.

Our Mission

Provide High Quality Learning Experiences and Foster Strong Families.

Our Values


CEP has a long history of commitment to Amphitheater School District and values this relationship to the extent that they receive priority in our service mission.


CEP values collaboration and will seek partnerships with community projects that support our mission of excellence in community education and access to families.

Best-Practice Programs and Services

CEP will develop and deliver programs and services that educate, enrich and embody best practice.

Increased Convenience and Reduced Cost

CEP prioritizes access to programs by reducing barriers of cost and location, as much as possible, to families and children.

CEP Guiding Principles and Philosophy

We believe that families and the teaching staff are partners in the care and education of their children.

We believe that all children are able, competent learners and that their social and emotional health and development are directly related to their cognitive growth and development.

We believe that the learning environment should be rich with possibilities for exploration, inquiry and problem solving in all domains.

We believe that the children’s programs should be guided by developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant practices, and that research and established best practices should inform our curricula.

We believe that teaching staff have a special responsibility to observe, interpret and document children’s interests, their questions and their learning, and to incorporate this in their planning.

We believe that in order to maintain program excellence, we must support opportunities for continuing education for our teaching staff in the field of early childhood education, recreation and school-age programming.

Accreditation + Affiliations

Community Extension Programs is proud to be NAEYC accredited, in affiliation with the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence and Quality First.

to be NAEYC.org Accredited, in affilithe Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence, and Quality First, First Things First

Leadership Team

Executive Director, Bruce Weigold M.Ed.

My Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona. I retired from the Amphitheater School District after many years as an elementary principal and I feel privileged to continue a mission of educating children and building stronger families at Community Extension Programs.

Senior Program Director, Lisa Kromrei

Development Director, Erin Stuckrath

Human Resources, Lindie Hunter

Finance Director, William Romancho

Board of Directors

President, William Walther

Vice President, Brenda King

Treasurer, Cris Cisco

Secretary, Jennie Madden

Members: Ian Branon, Rebecca Nuckolls