STEMazzzing Summer Camp

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Add a Full Day Option to your STEMazzzing Camp Classes –

Campers can attend in the morning BEFORE CAMP and evening AFTER CAMP for extended activities!

Every week ADD ON the Before and/or After camp for just $35 a week.

Before you register, be prepared:

  • 1. with the weeks you want to use camp
  • 2. write down each class for each week you will attend
  • 3. decide if you want to utilize BRFORE and AFTER camp each day
  • 4. whether you need to use the P.A.L. All DAY - All WEEK @ different sites the weeks camp is closed
  • 5. personal information [ name, address, etc.]
  • 6. payment information

P. A. L. All DAY – All WEEK program the weeks STEMazzzing CAMP is CLOSED!

Session 1: 4 days May 28 – May 31 @ Harelson Elementary Session 2: 5 days July 29 – August 2 @ Harelson Elementary

P.A.L. All DAY - All WEEK cost $165 per session

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